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The trace.


The trace both evidences the presence of life and describes its transience.  The trace challenges our assumption of our immortality; to understand our existence we must accept and ultimately welcome our own mortality and the impermanence of all things.  We can only do this by being in the moment.  The trace is an expression of moment.


Taking as a point of departure a longing to re-connect with my birthplace, Singapore, combined with recent research into Japanese aesthetics, my focus is the everyday and mundane occurrence.  Ephemeral traces are ritualised in order to comprehend space and motion, questioning the space-time continuum that contradicts the Zen principle of being ‘in the now’.  Dainin Katigiri explains this concept:  The intersection of time and space is called “right now, right here”…This is reality.  This is the place called truth, or nonduality, the place where you can see the overall picture of existence.’


Photography forms the basis of my research which then evolves into drawing, performance, video or projection.  My intention is to create a moment of tranquillity within the stream of time.  Artists that influence my work include Bill Viola and his piece ‘The Crossing’ (1996), which creates a sense of space and motion at the pivot of nothingness, and the performances of James Lee Byars, who wrote; ‘I am a momenteer’ (1975, No.200 of the 1,000 Poems).


My work enables the viewer to become the moment itself, to contemplate a sense of being ‘in the now’.  We are time.



Jane Robson



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